Windows 7 / Kali Dualboot with Full Disk Encryption (FDE)

My colleagues and I have written a Kali (FDE) + Win7 (FDE) dual-boot installation guide; however, as the bulk of the document was primarily compiled by my colleague, I will not paste the whole document here. Instead, I leave you with these links as our references (perform them in sequence!):

  1. Windows FDE
  2. – Install Windows
    – Perform FDE (“Setting up Full Disk Encryption on Windows using TrueCrypt”)

  3. Kali Linux Installation with FDE
  4. – Example steps can be found at “Kali Linux Hard Disk Install” and “How to install and multi-boot between Windows, and Debian Testing with full disk encryption”

  5. Handling the cryptsetup bug
  6. “Encrypted LVM install fails to boot”

  7. Setting up the dual-boot installation
  8. “Windows 7 + TrueCrypt 7.1a and Debian wheezy + encryption dual-boot with GRUB2”


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